Saturday, May 15, 2010

Has it been too long?

I'd say! JEESH! What's wrong with me?? I guess I forgot I run a blog, you know along with all these other life things getting in the way like 2 toddlers, a husband who broke his foot, a mild case of mental breakddown....EEEP! Trying to get my grits together!

I am sure I have SOMETHING to share! Although I haven't been to busy crafting, but more designing...with pen and paper that is. Watch out, here I come! With my own line of digi stamps!! is happening! Am I excited? To say the least!! Thanks to my absolutely most wonderful and amazing crafty friends at SSC and KRISTY from the Oddies and the Dollies, I am finally doing what I feel extremely passionate about! So there's this panic, excitement, terrified, EXTACTIC little girl bouncing around in side me just begging to come out and share with the on-line crafting world. So yes, watch...and wait for it. It is coming...promise:)

NOW, for something FUN...(pshh like all THAT wasn't fun!)

This is one of my favorite images from Some Odd Girls! Got Mae with Bouquet as a freebie last month...definitely need to head over there and check out this months freebie (HELLO??? it's FREE...what are you waiting for??) And their challenges...LOVE them, and the whole blog...just like awesomeness threw up all over them:)

Let's see if I can hustle up some more to share...

This bad boy..or should I say girl...was for a challenge at Simply Scrapping Crafts! May's first Color Combo challenge!! You can STILL play along too, you have the WHOLE entire month!! Superrrrrr fun!

OH and here is the second week Color Challenge for May!

Gorgeous right? I meant the color combo, not my card...I'm not THAT conceded!!

Ok, well I have lots more to share, but plan on actually BLOGGING again in the next day or so, so will share more then!! Love you goosies!! Muah!


  1. gorgeous creations ALL of them!! Congrats on the digi stamps taking off! I am so happy for you!!

  2. Oh Wow Amy! That's so exciting about the line of digi stamps. I can't wait to see them. I've just started to venture into digital stamping and I really love the idea. Awesome creations today too!

  3. fabulous work Amy... love your unique detailing and colouring... great job