Friday, August 28, 2009

Fridays 5's!! A bit excited!

Ok so first let's start with how ecstatic I am that Emma got into our Head Start program she is starting school September 14th! Like AHHHHHH! So excited!!

SOOOOOOOOOOOO number 1: School! Because it's just a fabulous place for Emma to grow and become a smarter, well balanced toddler, and I am just so happy for her!

2. Sleeping children...let me tell you it is so peaceful right now :O)

3. Project Runway! I am addicted...And Drop Dead Diva, AND Army Wives! Ahhh I have become a Lifetime Mommy!

4. China Glaze nail 4 and not 1 single chip!!

5. My new purple dress! Ok, it is VERY purple...I'm not prepared to post a picture of it quite yet...but I will, it's for a wedding I am going to in September. I am so excited! I love love love weddings :O)

Hehehe, so there's my boring fives for the week, picture-less and simple but it works for me to get a new blog post up! I am such a weak blogger lol. Love you ladies that mozy over to my little corner of the cyber world though! You are the best!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Scrapping Out LOUD Guest Designer :O)

First time as a guest designer! Very exciting for me! My LO was for the challenge It's A Wrap! I had to use a bow and tissue paper on my LO. Here is what I came up go check out the challenge!

On a much sadder note, I won't be around for the rest of the week because our internet is out till at least Friday. So I will be back then ladies!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fave 5 Friday!

Last weeks challenge over at Scrapping out Loud!

Wowser has it been a hectic summer or what? Beaches, partys, back to schools, everyone is crazy! So for my fives this week I am doing my favorite moments of summer!

Yesterday was also my wonderful baby boy Noah's 1st Birthday! I can't believe he's a whole year old already! Time flies, I hate blinking! And only 2 months till Emma is 3. Craziness!

So for my favorite moments of summer:

1. Ice cream!! I love ice cream and it is just one of the best treats in the summer.

2. BEACHing it up!! How could you not love love love the beach! It's just amazing, and swimming is one of my all time favorite activities! Soaking up the rays and getting a tan! Just fabulous!

3. BBQ's....I love picnic food and BBQ's are the best! I love getting everyone together for big picnics and BBq's, always fun!

4. Fruit! Summers always produce such delicious fruits and getting to go strawberry picking and next week blue berry picking has just been an absolute blast! The kids love it and the fruit is awesome!

5. Enjoying outside! Everything about it! Its just beautiful and fun. I love the outdoors!

Now for the rest of the summer! I hope everyone has a wonderful one...and I am looking forward to the fall weather here in CT with the leaves changing colors! PICTURES!! Here is some new work I have done FINALLY! Enjoy!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Two New Layouts!

So I promised some more Lo's and here they are! It was so nice getting some scrappy goodness in last week. I have had no time for anything!

Fave Fives...on Saturday!

Man has it been a BUSY month for me!! I barely had time to do any scrapping, let alone get on here to post it! I have a little to share but I can't get! I am excited for it though! So here's my fives, late this week but I just wanted you guys to remember I even existed!

1. Gesso- I have become addicted. I use it so much now , like ink! It's amazing, thank you Jill :)

2. Mickey Mouse Club House- it has become my daughter's favorite morning show and she is actually learning from the show! It amazes me.

3. Finding old pictures- I just found an old memory card with pictures I took of Noah when he was an infant, I got all teary looking through them. I forgot I had taken them!

4. Prayers- For everything...we have been thanking and asking God for help with out situation and finances and I really truly believe that He is taking care of us right now.

5. My camera- I know this has been on my list when I first got it but I appreciate having it so much I can't explain it. It has been my third arm capturing my life around me with beautiful pictures!

Hope everyone is having a SPLENDID weekend, and I will be posting new goodies soon!