Sunday, May 31, 2009

SOL Weekly Challenge Sketch

It's a bit late but I just didn't have time to finish it earlier in the week. So here it is!

Friday, May 29, 2009

FFF! Ok it's ridic!

That it is Friday already!! I can't believe how fast this week BLEW by me. Insane!! I don't even know what to put as my F5's....I will have to pull this one out of my butt...

1. The "new" love <3

2. Neutrogena sunscreen for's new, it's AWESOME, it's my new fave!!
(I have some uber white babies that need diesel protection from the sun so when i found it I was ecstatic!!)

3. the flowers George bought me for Mother's Day...still are beautiful and NOT DEAD!! Rockin flowers!!

4. I discovered Noah can crawl up the stairs!! Ok scary yes but thats such a feat and it's so cool! When I let him near the stairs to see what he would do he flew up them so fast I couldn't believe it! My baby is growing too fast :O(

5. Jon & Kate+8 Drama....ok, this is actually sad because I have been watching this show since they were born and I LOVE them. And I am just so torn for them with all the drama going on in their lives. Yes there are many variables to their problems, but I don't care about all the nonsence, they need prayers not critisizm.

There you have it guys. It is what it is...nothing quite so interesting this week lol....I will have to do some crazy drinking for next Fridays5's!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So how was everyone's vaca? Mine was fun. Except now I am burned to a crisp! It's pretty painful. Thank god for sunburn lotion!!

Through the pain today I amnaged to bang out a LO...for an ATC challenge I am doing. I think it came out pretty cute!
Well, I am headed to do a LO for SOL...let's see how that one turns out!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Weekend..

Everyone have a wonderful and safe holiday! we are hanging out here today and tomorrow and then hitting the beach on Monday! I am so excited to bring Noah to the beach for the first time! And Emma just LOVES it so much she will have a blast! I am also getting to hang out with old friends from high school who I haven't seen in 3 years and that will just be so fun!

What is everyone doing for this weekend?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Fave 5 Friday!!

I can't believe it's Friday already! Happy holiday weekend to all. Be safe, don't drink and drive!

And for my fives this week we have up for the numero uno spot:

1. Sparkling Raspberry Wine! The cheapy Arbor Mist brand....FABULOUS! And I got tipsy lol...but I also drank the whole bottle myself...ok, Rosie had 1 glass...

2. Bowling...I went to the bowling alley to hang out with my sister while she bowled and I had a blast just chillin! The kids had a ball and were so well behaved!! It was all around a fun night!

3. Ok, this is a HATE for this week....CT State Office! I could kill someone dealin with these people!! We drove all the way there today and they were closed and iddnt have the effing courtesy to let us know they would be closed!! Oh, I am just...whooo...fucking idiots *oops*

4. Snyder's Pretzel twists! OMG they are AMAZING....the honey wheat ones or whatever they good!

5. And for the last one of on my list today, crocheted flowers! It's my new addiction. I recieved one in the mail and I also am ordering some from a friend. I am so excited to get them!! I thought I had a whole bunch of LO's to share and for some reason I think I am wrong. But here is one I did of my niece Kilana! I am sure I will find more to post lol!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

LO for Scrap out Loud Challenge

Use crappy pictures for a LO....well these were pretty crappy taken at about 7 in the am and on the porch! It was like 80 degrees and she was eatin a nana! It was so effing cute!! I love my monkey girl! The challenge was AWESOME! I loved scrapping not the best was a nice change!
Ok so I have had a roller coaster week! Busy bee! I started a scrapbook for my mom and my sister is doing it with me. It is coming out so cute! And she loves it. The poor woman has no time to do it so we volunteered to do it for her!
I know i said I would post more LO's and I promise I will! Like today....later...haha, love you my loyal followers!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So much to post!

I have so many LO's to post lol...but it will have to wait till tomorrow! I am going scrap crazy tomorrow because I am bursting with challenges to do!! SOL, VF, The Shoe, CM, 52s521w! I am going sketch-listic! But hey, when hte mojo is flowing you can't fight it, ya never know when it's going to hitch a ride to HaHa land. Ok, other things to do before I fall off the bed asleep...night everyone!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Friday Friday!

First I have to commend Jill for her amazingly wonderfully twisted and MOST NEEDED Fives list today. It made my life sparkle a little reading it :O) Ok now...fives

1. Rekindling old friendships...I started talking to a very good friend of mine again, it made me smile.

2. Scrapbook Recipe Challenges....not only was it awesomely fun to do but it was a really cool idea! I loved the list of "ingredients" to put into the LO. Very fun challenge!

3. Ok so i got called a ball and chain by one of my wonderful hubbys "friends" so guess new favrotie is being a ball and chain because I wont let my hubby go out and hang out with skanky nasty people who are losers. Wow that makes me such a bad wife. OH WELL DEAL WITH IT.

4. Heidi from The Hill's wedding dress. I thought it was AMAZING. It reminding me so much of mine except mine cost 16,000 less than hers lol. And I certainly didnt wear 1.2 million in diamond bobbles. I love big fancy exspensive weddings!

5. Sonic commercials...Ok well I kinda hate them but I love the Crazy Ladies Late Night Snackin- lets get some eggs and boil 'em! It is just so stupid its funny...we dont even have Sonics here but they show commercials for it!

I am going on a diet. I so need to lose this baby fat. It's gross, and I am pudgyyyyy. Like Ms. Piggy pudgy. I need a hairtrim too. I love my short cut but damn does it grow back so fast! Irritating. I want to make it a mission to walk with the kids everyday. Rain or not. Thats what rain coats are for. Bleh, so I have a challenge I want to get done. I am working on my blog candy winners prizes. Lots to do, so little time.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yummy Recipe Challenge

Ok so I didn't actually have to cook for this challenge is still yummy! It was Simply Scrappings May Challenge. I loved the "recipe"! It was so cool. So here is my lo!
I have been feeling cruddy these past 3 days since being blessed with the monthly witch. I organized ALL of my scrap stuff yesterday. It was gorgeous outside and I didn't take out the kids because I was busy. I had nothing to do today and wanted to bring them out and it POURED ALL DAY. I was really pissed. And the weather just made me feel even sh*ttier. Stupid crap weather. Anywho... hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Busy Bee ME!

So I did these LO's. Hope you likey. I need more page protectors for my books. Wish I could win some of those!

Awesome news!! George got a job!!! WHOO HOOOOOOOO! I was jumping for joy!! He has to leave for the Army in June but it's ok. It is what it is. Our 10 year plan will come up on us fast if we don't maintain our schedule. This is just another part of it! I can't wait till we finish school. That will make life so much easier!

Anywho!! Have FUN this week!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday AGAIN! 5's!!

Whoo-hoo for Friday!! Everyone loves Friday right? Been a while since I posted...I think? Anywho so...

1. Winning scrap stuff!! I got lucky with the randomizer and it picked wonderful me for a very sweet prize. That was AWESOME!!

2. Making ATC's! I love making them now, and want to make a whole bunch. Here's my first batch for a swap on Vintage Flaire!

3. My number 3 is my exacto knife!! I have gotten extremely good with it, cropping, trimming- everything! It is so much easier for me than my chopper sometimes!

4. TWITTER!! I am a new Twitter-er! I think it's really funny. And I was trying to figure it out, thinking it was all complicated when it really wasn't!
5. McDonald's french fries! I just loves me some fries....that's why I am such a fatty!
So I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out what I wanted to scrap next. Picture wise. And I decided I am just going to get printed a whole ton of pictures and pick blind folded from a pile! Sound like a plan? I just need a vacation to go and scrapbook in peace on the porch of a beach house with shade and palm trees. Get my mojo flowing. That would be SAAAAWEEEETTTT! Have a great weekend everybody!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kissy Kissy!

Challenge LO! From VF. Loved it! Thought I would share! I have another LO I have to take a picture of...not thrilled with it so I will be looking for opinions on what to do. It's just missing...something! Ok here's the LO from the challenge... The frame is actually garbage chipboard...I couldn't get rid of it!! I inked it black and distressed the edge. I backed it with K&C paper and mounted it on the background which is also K. Then I cut the belt that I never actually wore- not once- and glued it down. Then I used fabric paint to make the dots around the edge of the corners. It was a simple LO but had a great end!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Amazing blog candy!

By Emily! here is the link to her blog!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's About TIme!

I posted something new here are some layouts I did.
The first one I used die cuts from my Slice as masks. I sanded over the top of them. It was awesome! It worked out amazing and I loved doing it. I want to make a whole page background using this method. The second LO I used a sketch from Scrapbook etc. I think it came out cute! I want to make this month much more productive. bang out some killer projects!!! I forgot to do my fave 5's yesterday so here is my quickie list for Saturday!

1. Using diecuts as masks!!
2. Sand paper (it's my new love)
3. Attitude- I need to get me some to get done what I want to get done
4. Swiffer Dusters- I just really like them!
And 5. Chocolate!!!!

Ok, so there's my quickie list everyone! Hope you enjoyed lol.