Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dare I do a 5 late this week!

Sure! Why the h-e-double hockey sticks *wink wink Jill-that ones for you* not! Now what to make my 5's this week lol...hmm

Ok ok...

1. Staying awake till all hours of the night...I have been having some god awful nightmares this must be these whackado sleepng is over rated for the time being!

2. PAPER PIECING...I have become addicted. So much in fact that I am paper piecing 25 Noah's Ark birthday invitations together all drawn and cut out by hand by me. Ok with the exception that my sister helped me cut out some of the boats today...thank you for that!

3. Noah's new set of teeth. this has made it to the list because he looks so damn cute it makes me want to puke! He has these little pearlys popping through and he looks like a complete goof ball! I have to take a pic and show you what I mean!

4. Wine...enough said :O)

5. Sharpy pens...they dont run, they dont bleed, and I love them. they RULE! And Beckham (sp?) is NOT bad to look at either!

1 comment:

  1. aww your a wine-o huh!mudslides almost made it on my top 5 list lastnight too!so i understand completely!hahaha