Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'd Like To Thank The Blogcademy:O)

Well really Jill! For giving me this blog award ^^^

So the rules of this award are to post 7 other bloggers I adore and then post 7 things that no one knows about me.

And the list is(in no particular order):

1. Beate- Scraps and Stuff Beate, wine drinking, Twitting, scrapping, picture junkie! What can I say? Our friendship has come a LONG way and you have made a huge impression on me. From the start of Artistic it's been amazing, and you have made me a better scrapper. And you are a great friend :O).

2. Kristy- My Corner of the Studio Kristy, you are one of the most amazing scrappers I have ever seen! You are so creative and will just use materials in the most amazing ways. Creative really isn't even a good enough word! You're incredible!

3. Lizzie- Lizzie's Blog Oh Lizzie, we don't know each other super well, but our friendship is growing! You are crazy and fun and spunky and I LOVE it!! I love your style of punk meets shabby. Your crafting is also to the extreme and it's FANTABULOUS!! Hehe, you RAWK! :O)

4. Tracey- Scrappin' Trackside Tracey...fellow wine drinker/Twittering fool! Scrapping guru of the Nascar are hilarious! I need a laugh, I look for you. Funny, and quarky, oh just damn silly! You are inspirational with some of your out of the ordinary techniques and your insane ways. You crack me up!

5. Adina- According to Jane Austen Adina, Adina, Adina, I wanted to give you this award and I realized I wasn't even following your blog! How that happened I do not know. So it's more of an awesome person award for you lol but I posted your blog too. Anywho, you are awesome! there I summed it all up! I love just about everything about you! Crazy buzzed ramblings and all!

6. Celina- Celina's Life Celina, your blog is always so inspiring with all of the projects you post! I love seeing the pictures of your family and reading all about them. It's great how open you are and sharing your scrapping addiction with your fellow bloggers!

7. Shemaine- Scraptastic! Shemaine, your creativity blows me away! You are sweet and funny and always good to go to for motivation! I love your blog and I get excited when I see new posts from you, just to see what you made next!

Ok and now for the 7 things you guys don't know about me...this could be tough.

1. I am terrified of the dark. I have to sleep with the tv on, I think something is going to reach over the edge of the bed and grab my feet if I fall asleep in the dark. I can't go into our basement at night because it freaks me out so bad I feel like I am going to hiperventilate. I am trying to get over this fear (it's not working out well)

2. I LOVE COWS! I have a HUGE collection from way back when, that is still growing. My newest additions have been Cows On Parade and 2 absolutely AWESOME cow handle ice cream scoops! One is mini and one regular sized and they are the CUTEST things I have ever seen. My sister Rosie is especially keen on feeding my addiction. You would never know this unless you have been to my house. I even have a cow cookie jar from my sister Angela, it moos when you open it :O)

3. I have a shoe fetish. Mainly for flip flops. I CAN NOT get enough. I have to force myself to walk past the shoe aisles in stores because I would stock up on pointless pairs just because I love them so! I LOVE Converse sneakers. I have flat feet and Converse and flip flops just fit me really well and don't hurt my feet like other shoes can. It's a passion really!

4. I loath dirty socks and feet. It is one of my biggest pet peeves. I will change my socks (well, I only wear them in the winter and oly because I have to) as many times a day as I have to to keep them spotless white. I throw away socks that will not come white with all my attempts because I won't wear them or put them on my kids. If it's stained, it's garbage! PERIOD. I can't help it, it's just the way I am. And as for dirty feet, if mine get dirty, I wash them alm ost immediately, and if the kids feet are dirty they get washed as long as they aren't running around outside, I am not unreasonable but there will NOT be dirty feet in the house! Gross!!

5. I have a really hard time getting rid of blankets. I just really love blankets and have piles of them in our bedroom. PILES. It's awful, I need to get rid of a whole bunch. I just got 2 more from someone of Freecycle, I should not have taken them but I couldn't help myself! They were just so soft and cute! When I do actually get rid of one, I think about it for a long time after and then I want it back. This could very well be linked to my childhood love for a blanket that I no longer have. I sucked on it and dragged it everywhere. It was about 150 years old (seriously) but I loved it. It fell to pieces and I wish I still had just one little piece of it.

6. I love food. Which explains why I am such a fatty. When I was 4 I told my mom I wanted to live in a grocery store to be closer to the food. What's my favorite? Thanksgiving. Yes, the holiday, because it's all my favorite food in one day. From breakfast that morning to dinner and dessert that night. Everything inbetween and all the trimmings. I just LOVE FOOD!

7. I like to dress up Emma like a doll. I will change her clothes 5 times a day just to see outfits on her. Granted she pees her pants alot and I have to change her anyways, but I secretly don't mind. It's stupid and hipocritical because I hate the amount of laundry I have to do but on the other hand Emma gets to wear tons of really cute clothes!

So to end my super long ass post...have a great day guys!


  1. LMAO...I love you too Amy!! And I have REALLY got to stop posting things buzzed... I'm getting a rep... :) Thanks for the kudos! :) And well deserved award from the blogcademy, btw...

  2. *sniff* you girls must know i'm having a bad day b/c i needed this!!! lol thank you!!!!

  3. Loved learning more about you...too cool!

  4. Haha you guys are welcome!

  5. Thanks so much!! I agree that all these women are great inspirations. Thanks for sharing about you to.

  6. Thanks Amy, you are too too sweet! You are such a sweet friend!