Friday, August 28, 2009

Fridays 5's!! A bit excited!

Ok so first let's start with how ecstatic I am that Emma got into our Head Start program she is starting school September 14th! Like AHHHHHH! So excited!!

SOOOOOOOOOOOO number 1: School! Because it's just a fabulous place for Emma to grow and become a smarter, well balanced toddler, and I am just so happy for her!

2. Sleeping children...let me tell you it is so peaceful right now :O)

3. Project Runway! I am addicted...And Drop Dead Diva, AND Army Wives! Ahhh I have become a Lifetime Mommy!

4. China Glaze nail 4 and not 1 single chip!!

5. My new purple dress! Ok, it is VERY purple...I'm not prepared to post a picture of it quite yet...but I will, it's for a wedding I am going to in September. I am so excited! I love love love weddings :O)

Hehehe, so there's my boring fives for the week, picture-less and simple but it works for me to get a new blog post up! I am such a weak blogger lol. Love you ladies that mozy over to my little corner of the cyber world though! You are the best!


  1. Amy!!! I'm a lifetime mommy too!!! Last night I got bored scrapping to music so I but on And watch Drop Dead Diva over again, lol. I LOVE that show, and ARMY wives is my fave! :) I have NOT gotten into the project runway thing yet because I am already glued to the TV on Sunday nights as it is... :) Hugs!!

  2. Ohh I may have to try that polish. I hate wearing it because it chips or peels... looks tacky and you have to take it off :(

  3. haha, yesss! i love Army Wives AND Drop Dead Diva :D

  4. Yay for Lifetimers!! And Jill that is the same reason why I dont wear nail polish until I found this one!!