Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fave Fives...on Saturday!

Man has it been a BUSY month for me!! I barely had time to do any scrapping, let alone get on here to post it! I have a little to share but I can't get! I am excited for it though! So here's my fives, late this week but I just wanted you guys to remember I even existed!

1. Gesso- I have become addicted. I use it so much now , like ink! It's amazing, thank you Jill :)

2. Mickey Mouse Club House- it has become my daughter's favorite morning show and she is actually learning from the show! It amazes me.

3. Finding old pictures- I just found an old memory card with pictures I took of Noah when he was an infant, I got all teary looking through them. I forgot I had taken them!

4. Prayers- For everything...we have been thanking and asking God for help with out situation and finances and I really truly believe that He is taking care of us right now.

5. My camera- I know this has been on my list when I first got it but I appreciate having it so much I can't explain it. It has been my third arm capturing my life around me with beautiful pictures!

Hope everyone is having a SPLENDID weekend, and I will be posting new goodies soon!


  1. Gesso you know... I love my gesso too :P

    and finding old pics rawks.

  2. Ahh! I know! It is awesome!

  3. Yay for Mickey Mouse :D hehe tottttally a Disney kid at heart, so it's great to hear he's inspiring future generations ;) :D and Praise God! isn't He so Good :)