Friday, November 6, 2009

It's not Saturday yet!

Which means I can still call this a Fave 5 Friday! haha, so with the Holiday season upon us so darn quickly...I just want to mention my loath of Christmas right now. seriously? It was not even Halloween yet and the stores are over loaded with Christmas deco and candies! I hate it...really. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I feel it is HUGELY important for children to learn about it just as much as Christmas, and it is sadly disappearing into the background of holidays. Fight for Thanksgiving! And I hope that everyone remembers what Christmas is about in the end, not just the presents and goodies, but about Christ...yeah I know, blah, blah, blah, but it is a serios matter to me that I hope to teach my kids to love and respect. And to truly understand what it is all about :O)

So onto my list of goodies!

1. Thanksgiving! I love it...gravy, mashed potatos, turkey-the whole shebang!

2. holiday crafts! I absolutely LOVE to make crafts related to the season, handprint turkeys are one of my favorite!

3. Baking! It's like one big bake fest over here around this time of year and it is AWESOME!

4. Jumping in the leaves! Amazing and fabulously fun!

5. Crisp nights...I live for them:O)

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