Friday, November 20, 2009


I lost 11 lbs!! SO excited!! Hahaha, Slim Fast really does work! And Zumba! But I need to get my booty back to Zumba lol....I haven't gone in 2 weeks! Just been doing my daily exercises lol...but its working! I am proud of myself for finally doing this for myself. It is a huge step forward for me! And I really needed this right now. With everything that's been going on in my life right now iwth my husband...I am just exstatic! So, there I had to share my accomplishment!


  1. wooohoo .... fabulous! :) You should feel proud ... i am proud for you! :):)
    Sending you hugs and hoping things are better soon.

  2. WHOOO HOO! Congratulations! Losing weight is such a journey! Good for you! :)