Wednesday, March 23, 2011

APC Crop!

the apc forum that i totally loves had a crop that kinda was an epic fail (well i had a freaking fun time doing the challenges ANYWAYS) so i decided to share what i did for the challenges and get the word out for this AWESOME forum!! we really need more peoples to come and join in on all the coolness going on!! its so casual and completely o-p-e-n...if you are having a crap day and want to say you're having a shit day you don't have to worry about having your head bitten off for swearing!! hahaha, i can be a total potty mouth if i am angered...which happens *gasp* lmbo!!

so's so of the yum i made for the CROP

Challenge #2 (not sharing challenge #1 because its already on my bloggy)

Challenge #3

Challenge #4

there is a challenge #5 but i can't find the photo of the card on my computer..weird! but i will share that tomorrow maybe:)

you guys should definitely check out the forum, it's a cool little place in the scrappy online world:)


  1. these are adorable!!! great LO, love the grass ,and that orange button is a great POP of color hehe! :D

  2. LMBO g/f on the cussing!! Love it! Some situations just warrant a good cuss word. My words are my barometer.. and you KNOW if I reach the f's it's time to hide and seek shelter! Love all three projects!! The grass on your little girl card is amazing! Your boys are adorable and I love the colors in your CAS!!