Friday, March 4, 2011

Hello Cutie Challenge Blog!!

Hello cuties!! It is almost time for the launch of the Hello Cutie Challenge Blog, started by the best Ms Lizzie herself!! And guess who is on the DT??? That's right!! You are looking at her!! I couldn't believe when Lizzie asked me to join the team, and of COURSE I said yes!! So anyways...I am very excited and Sunday is just going to be an ALL around awesome day!! Not only is it the blog launch...BUT I get to spend the whole day with 2 of my favorite people!! Maureen and Jenn! We are going to have a fabulous crafty time...and I will be take pictures AND making a cake to bring!! I have ALOT to do, and very little time!! Tomorrow is going to be hella busy for me!! EEEP!! I wish I didn't have to work a double tomorrow, that is so pooey!

Ok, so this is your weekend list from MOI:

Go to the Hello Cutie Challenge Blog and play along on Sunday!
Also on Sunday...the new CAS challenge with post at The Outlawz! Get your fancy selves over there too!

Umm I think that's everything! OH and wish me a safe and fun trip to PA! ok that's all...well ok I will add some craftiness to the end....

EEEH!! Happy weekend everyone!!!


  1. congrats!!!!!!

    super FUN layouts!!!

  2. Congratualtions!! I am SO happy and very excited for you! Way to go!!

    I just went over and bookmarked Lizzie's new blog and will look forward to seeing the challenges begin!!

    :) Looks like it's going to be a lot of fun!!


    PS: Have a super day tomorrow - give everyone a hug from me!!

  3. Congratulations Amy! You are one talented gal. Have fun scrapping!