Sunday, April 10, 2011

350 Cards and Gift Continued!

I got 2 more of the challenges for the 350 Cards and Gifts week at Moxie Fab done!! I was up till 3 in the morning because I just could NOT sleep! I am finishing up another gift wraps challenge project as well. I just couldn't make just one!! Anywho, first up in the Gift Card Holder Challenge..

This I am super proud of, not only did I come up with the design entirely on my own but I used the beautiful pins that I NEVER know what to do with that have been in my stash for a while from my wonderful friend Jenn! My sister just found out she is having a baby girl and I have already made her like 3 cards LOL! This will be another one with a special gifty inside!

Next up is the Little Gifts Challenge! I got this awesome template from my friend Maureen for this nifty little holder for your desk, counter, where ever you want to put it! It is the PERFECT gift for anyone because you can really change up the theme!! I am working on a masculine one next, probably a gifty for my Dad! This one is more geared for a tween! My niece Amanda is 9 and she would LOVE it!! It's perfect for a little notepad, pencil, pen, sticky notes, stamps, stationary accessories! I really need to make a few for myself! They are even big enough to hold CD cases!

I love how it has the divider inside!! It really makes it easy to organize in it! My friend made 2 and glued them back to back for double the space and cuteness!! Perfect idea for scrappy supplies! I made one for my sister because she just moved into a new house and I filled it with all different scrappy goodies for her brand new AWESOME scrapbook room!

WOW, I have been on a major roll lol!! And I will be back later with another post with the gifty wrap...wait till you see it!! You will want to go by Pringles:)


  1. The first card is so clever and pretty, Amy! I love the bow!
    And that second project is so darn cute! That panda is adorable!
    Congrats to your sister!! :)

  2. Hey Amy! Thanks for linking this up to the Gift Card Holder Challenge in the Moxie Fab World in celebration of 350 Cards & Gifts Week! Good luck in the random drawing! :)

  3. Hey Amy! Thanks also for linking this up to the Little Gifts Challenge in the Moxie Fab World in celebration of 350 Cards & Gifts Week! Good luck in the random drawing! :)

  4. Both are adorable, but Oh Em Gee... that nifty little holder is the cutest!! You're so talented!!

  5. Really, really cute creations! LOVE the card design.