Saturday, April 25, 2009

2 new layouts and FABULOSO pictures!!

So today was an awesome day, regardless of still being sick! We went to my MIL's and had such a great time. Soooooooo here are some LO's I made last night! I stayed up pretty late lol, and these are pictures of the trip to the Gram's house today!

Annie and Elly May Emma on the goats rock
Noah and the best smile in the world!
Ok so I took around 350 pictures of them today at Grammy's farm but I obviously can't post that many pictures lol. We had a great time though, and Emma and Noah just loved it!


  1. See you are putting the pet stack to good use......and I must say, I do like those goats.....and those kiddos are pretty darn cute too :)

  2. And what beautiful pictures! Very pretty layout, as always!

  3. Love these pics of the kids!

  4. Thanks!! They are my fave subjects!