Friday, April 24, 2009

Fave Fives of Friday?

Hahaha I wasn't sure what this was when I read it but I assume it is five things you love from that week. So here are my 5!

1. My new camera...ok so I got it last week, but I am still in love with it!!
2. Fabric Paint! I just love it! it makes such beautiful embellies on LOs and such!

3. My blog!! I finally have my blog doing what i want it to do! And I love seeing everyone elses blogs. They are the BEST!

4. DCWV Pet Stack! I found the paper I finally wanted to use for my Reggie (boston terrier) LO. Very sassy paper!

5. And last but not new favorite picture of Noah bean!!

Ok so I made my own sketches the other day!! And here they are! feel free to snag um and post em so I can see! I loved drawing them up and I am going to do more. I am going to get some blog candy up on this thing with some LO challenges going! Oh but here are the sketches:


  1. Those a 5 great things....and a very nice camera. The pet stack is pretty cool but I wish they hadn't used quite so much sparkle. Love you page maps - did you know there is free soft ware online available for doing these? Feel free to post them on VF too.

  2. Yay for the fave fives!!! Sometimes I forget but I try. It doesn't necessarily have to be of that week... no rules. I for sure break them. I will be really breaking them soon!

  3. Great fives
    Niiiice camera, and your little one is soooo cute. Great sketches too
    Mine will be saturday fives this week
    Have a wonderful weekend =)

  4. Really cute sketches! thanks for stopping by my blog!