Friday, April 24, 2009

Its Saturday morning...1:05 am!

Urg, I hate when me and the hubby argue! It is so pointless. And he just makes me more and more mad when all the stupid comes out of his mouth. Ok, now that I have that out, on a better note! here is a LO I did... I think it came out pretty darn cute!! I have 2 more to post but my camera died and I didn;t get to take pictures of them so I will postthem later today. Insomnia sucks people..and now I am all stressed! I need a drink.


  1. Very pretty, I love this two colors: orange and brown...Why use only with Halloween or fall! beautiful harmony!

  2. beautiful page and those are great colors - as for arguing - the big problem is men and women think they are arguing about the same thing - but they rarely are - which is why it tends to be so pointless.