Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blog Awards!

Thank you to my wonderful friend Emily for picking me to get a blog award! Check out her blog too!

And here are 15 of my favorite blogs to receive this award as well (in no particular order :O)

1.Celina- Celina's Life
2.Rosie- Cracklin' Rosie
3. Deborah- Deborah's Scrapbook Layouts
4.Gine- Gine's Scraproom
5.Jill- Is this my life really?
6.Brianna- jillofallcrafttrades
7.Lizzie- lizzies blog
8.Kristy- My Corner of the Studio
9.Tracey- scrappin trackside
10.Beate- Scraps and Stuff
11.Shemaine- Scraptastic
12.Emily- Through Emilys Eyes
13.Bethany- Creative Ruminations
14.Frances- Forever and a Year
15.nscropper- Imagine That!


  1. I'm a big doof! Sorry, I did not see this! I don't get to see all the most recent posts from all my blog friends. I'll try harder to check everyone out from now on!

  2. Haha, whatevs...I forgot to tell everyone who I gave it to lol so like no one saw it! I'm a tweep!