Saturday, June 20, 2009

Favorite 5's Better late than never!

Ok so yesterday was far to busy a day to get on here and do anything with George's coming home!! Whoo-hoo!! It was absolutely awesome, I hate to think he is leaving again so soon and for LONGER! That part is poohy....but we won't talk about that today I am going to list all the wonderful amazing things that have been going on in my life- including my hubby being so amazing!

1. George coming home of course! It was so great to see him again. I leaped on him and gave him the biggest hug I think I ever gave him! He is wonderful, and he is the best daddy and hubby anyone could ask for. He cleans, he provides, he spoils us rotten when he can. He knows when to put his foot down but he is the most patient and calm man i have ever met. You will never here him yell or even raise his voice. He is supportive of everything I do and he doesn't mind dumping his hard earned money into my very exspensive hobby! He is just all around the absolute best!!

2. My two wonderful amazing children, Emma and Noah. They are sweet as pie and everything a mom could ask for! Emma takes care of his baby brother and he just adores her. I love to watch them play together, it is so cute!

3. My housing situation seems to be changing for the MUCH better and I am so excited for having more room! We are finally in a place where we can afford something bigger and a door opened for us that is making it really possible! I hope it happens!

4. Army benefits. Yes, they suck sometimes, but then again, they seem to be coming through for George and me. Thank God for job openings!

5. And last for my list today is my WHOLE family. They have helped me so much and through so much. They are supportive and caring and they were there for us when we needed them most and that is what makes family- family. A special thanks to my two sisters, Rosie and Angela, and my mom, Terry. Without you guys I wouldnb't have made it through these past 2 years! You guys are the best sisters and mom anyone could wish for!! I couldn't have picked ones better!


  1. Aw Thanks! If you can't rely on your family for help and support, life would suck immensly! I mean omg if you and Ange didn't take care of my kids for me last year when I went through my 2 surgeries for that stupid thyroid cancer Scot would have missed way more work than he did and we would have been in the hole BIG time! Last year was a super rough year for everyone. This year is a little better. Now if only the economy would get better so we can all get back on our feet completely! Love you Amy!

  2. Enjoy your time with George. :) Glad to hear things are working out and going well, that's wonderful.

  3. I'm so happy for you that he is home. It is wonderful that things are going well for you :)

  4. Thanks guys! You are the best :O)

  5. Truly enjoyed your list! Glad things are going so well for you! Now enjoy the time you have with that awesome man of your! :)