Friday, June 12, 2009

One Friday to go!

So as you all know George is gone for a while for the Army *tear* but he will be back!! YAY! Anywho, ok so it's Fave 5 Friday everybody, I skipped last Friday so this one has to be doubley awesome right? Well- let's see how goes it!

1. Zig glue pen! I couldn't live without it...really. I have never seen a liquid glue work so well. I'm in love.

2. MRE's- if you don't know what they are, it's Army food. And it has been the topic of discussion going on around here for complete ENTERTAINMENT! You would think you would get better food for serving your country. Geez! But it's still funny...

3. You Tube videos of talking eggs, not only will you piss your pants laughing, but the thought of the people who had the time to make all those videos makes me laugh even more!

4. Emma's new way of talking. And speaking her mind, about EVERYTHING. That girl thinks it and it spills out of her! Hilarious, indeed. And her new fave thing to say is *drum roll* "I borrowin it!" If she thinks she can, she says she will! Too funny, for example. She told me she was going to "borrow" Noah the other day because I told her to stop fussing him!!! WHat a coock she is turning into!

5. Last but not least on my list for this rainy Friday is.....nothing. There is no number 5! The truth? I can't think of anything while I am typing this post....shame on me...I guess my own ingenious-ness will have to do. :O) Don' laugh, I'm just a really big dork! know who you are ;-P


  1. I don't have any luck with glue pens. If it's a 2 way glue pen repos. if it dries before you attach the paper... it never sticks for me when I attach the paper before it dries. Know what I mean? UGH! I say effe the glue pen and use glossy accents! That is my solution for me because I am a glue moron.

  2. Love the favorites! Thanks for sharing! And I love Emma's new way of talking. Sounds familiar! Renny has been talking like that... it's cute.

  3. Haha, Jill is glue-tarded! It works well with glitter. I never have to put something over the glitter to make sure it doesnt come off if I use that glue. lol..I dont have glossy accents yet :O( I am DIEING to get my hands on a bottle.

  4. ah,the army huh,it will go by quicker than you know,dont let it get you down,thanks for sharing your favs!

  5. cool list. :) I love the zig glue pen too, they are awesome. Have you tried the tombo liquid glue? that is fantastic stuff too.