Friday, January 14, 2011

Some creative yumminess!

Creative yumminess you actually get to EAT!! These amazing little homemade candies are not only extremely easy to make, but DELICIOUS!! Perfect teacher or bus driver, (any profession really!) GIFT! Now for the good parts....ROLLOS candies, pretzels and pecans (either plain or glazed, I used Pecan Pie Pecans...O-M-GOOD)

My sister introduced me to the recipe, I did a search online for baking instructions and wha-la! Here they are in all their chocolatey goodness!

So go to the store, by the goods, and get baking!


Place 1 Rollo candy on top of a small twist pretzel (as many as you want, you can get the tubes of Rollos and it comes with 8 in each roll, or the bag which has I think, 56 in it) Bake in the oven at 200 Degrees for 4 MINUTES (no more, no less, don't check them, just leave them be, I promise they will be PERFECT after 4 mins!) Take them out and IMMEDIATELY press 1 pecan (they usually come in halves, that is perfect) into each Rollo. It will smoosh perfectly into the top of the pretzel...should look like the picture above! Enjoy!!!

Big scrappy hugs,

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