Monday, February 14, 2011

Flashback Friday 8.0!!

This was hard for me to do!! Apparently I never post 3-D projects on my blog and I had to go through 2 years of blog posts to find it!! Well, I came up to this not so beauty....

Original post was from October 2010. Not all that long ago! Can't believe this is the first 3-D thing I ever posted on my blog...I have made TONS of 3-D projects that I could have shared all these years...what a total dork!! Anyways here is the ORIGINAL post. This is for the Flashback Friday 8.0 Challenge! Congrats to Karin my new blogging BFF for being the GD!!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! <3


  1. WOW Amy!!! This is soo SUPER!!! Pickled fingers - YUM!!! That pumpkin on top is awesome and so is that "accordion" flower!
    Isn't this just such a great challenge - I do a bit of this with my students in needlework, but should do this more often because it is so much fun to see how you develop and grow over time. I'm so glad we met Amy! You have so many great things to share! But I looked for your TT yesterday - have to check if you posted late last night (early morning here in Sweden!)-you made me so curious! Talk to you soon, hugs, Karin

  2. I think this is a fun one! You know, it's funny, but I tend not to post many of my 3D projects either. Why do we overlook these? I find that they are usually the projects that take the longest and, therefore, deserve a photo to commemorate all that hard work!

  3. I--L-O-V-E--I-T!!!! Pickled fingers...hilarious and totally perfect for the jar that you altered and for halloween! Love what you've done..I've been on quite the rosette kick lately...thanks so much for playing with us at Flashback to look back in time,isn't it?!!

  4. Amy, I love this! :) Hope all is well.

  5. This is a darling Halloween jar! Fun!