Friday, May 22, 2009

Fave 5 Friday!!

I can't believe it's Friday already! Happy holiday weekend to all. Be safe, don't drink and drive!

And for my fives this week we have up for the numero uno spot:

1. Sparkling Raspberry Wine! The cheapy Arbor Mist brand....FABULOUS! And I got tipsy lol...but I also drank the whole bottle myself...ok, Rosie had 1 glass...

2. Bowling...I went to the bowling alley to hang out with my sister while she bowled and I had a blast just chillin! The kids had a ball and were so well behaved!! It was all around a fun night!

3. Ok, this is a HATE for this week....CT State Office! I could kill someone dealin with these people!! We drove all the way there today and they were closed and iddnt have the effing courtesy to let us know they would be closed!! Oh, I am just...whooo...fucking idiots *oops*

4. Snyder's Pretzel twists! OMG they are AMAZING....the honey wheat ones or whatever they good!

5. And for the last one of on my list today, crocheted flowers! It's my new addiction. I recieved one in the mail and I also am ordering some from a friend. I am so excited to get them!! I thought I had a whole bunch of LO's to share and for some reason I think I am wrong. But here is one I did of my niece Kilana! I am sure I will find more to post lol!


  1. LOVE those pretzels! They are so yummy! And I love that Bananas LO... so cute!

  2. OMG They are SO addicting!! And thanks! I love how the title came out on the Bananas just worked, it was nice lol.

  3. Love your fives...or four of them at least
    The cheap Arbor Mist sparkling wines are soooo good, I love the tropical one and the eazberry one too
    Pretsels are always yummy
    Have a wonderful weekend =)

  4. Haha, thanks. yeah, I had to throw that one in there....I was so mad!

  5. What a cool LO! And I agree those pretzel twists are awesome!