Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's About TIme!

I posted something new here are some layouts I did.
The first one I used die cuts from my Slice as masks. I sanded over the top of them. It was awesome! It worked out amazing and I loved doing it. I want to make a whole page background using this method. The second LO I used a sketch from Scrapbook etc. I think it came out cute! I want to make this month much more productive. bang out some killer projects!!! I forgot to do my fave 5's yesterday so here is my quickie list for Saturday!

1. Using diecuts as masks!!
2. Sand paper (it's my new love)
3. Attitude- I need to get me some to get done what I want to get done
4. Swiffer Dusters- I just really like them!
And 5. Chocolate!!!!

Ok, so there's my quickie list everyone! Hope you enjoyed lol.

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  1. Um aren't following me? Your very own sister? I am appalled! LOL! Start following me! Then I'll have 16 followers, and did you realize you are following yourself? I think that's kind of funny Am!