Friday, May 29, 2009

FFF! Ok it's ridic!

That it is Friday already!! I can't believe how fast this week BLEW by me. Insane!! I don't even know what to put as my F5's....I will have to pull this one out of my butt...

1. The "new" love <3

2. Neutrogena sunscreen for's new, it's AWESOME, it's my new fave!!
(I have some uber white babies that need diesel protection from the sun so when i found it I was ecstatic!!)

3. the flowers George bought me for Mother's Day...still are beautiful and NOT DEAD!! Rockin flowers!!

4. I discovered Noah can crawl up the stairs!! Ok scary yes but thats such a feat and it's so cool! When I let him near the stairs to see what he would do he flew up them so fast I couldn't believe it! My baby is growing too fast :O(

5. Jon & Kate+8 Drama....ok, this is actually sad because I have been watching this show since they were born and I LOVE them. And I am just so torn for them with all the drama going on in their lives. Yes there are many variables to their problems, but I don't care about all the nonsence, they need prayers not critisizm.

There you have it guys. It is what it is...nothing quite so interesting this week lol....I will have to do some crazy drinking for next Fridays5's!

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  1. I watched the 1st epi this season. I have watched on and off since they were born. She is mean to him BUT he is mean to her as well. So it takes two to tango. I feel bad for the kids. Imagine the child support payment. Whooo they better work things out.

    Awww isn't it sad when they start getting big? Just think pretty soon they will be going to school :( Mine will be in 2nd grade in the fall... oh God that hurts.