Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Friday Friday!

First I have to commend Jill for her amazingly wonderfully twisted and MOST NEEDED Fives list today. It made my life sparkle a little reading it :O) Ok now...fives

1. Rekindling old friendships...I started talking to a very good friend of mine again, it made me smile.

2. Scrapbook Recipe Challenges....not only was it awesomely fun to do but it was a really cool idea! I loved the list of "ingredients" to put into the LO. Very fun challenge!

3. Ok so i got called a ball and chain by one of my wonderful hubbys "friends" so guess new favrotie is being a ball and chain because I wont let my hubby go out and hang out with skanky nasty people who are losers. Wow that makes me such a bad wife. OH WELL DEAL WITH IT.

4. Heidi from The Hill's wedding dress. I thought it was AMAZING. It reminding me so much of mine except mine cost 16,000 less than hers lol. And I certainly didnt wear 1.2 million in diamond bobbles. I love big fancy exspensive weddings!

5. Sonic commercials...Ok well I kinda hate them but I love the Crazy Ladies Late Night Snackin- lets get some eggs and boil 'em! It is just so stupid its funny...we dont even have Sonics here but they show commercials for it!

I am going on a diet. I so need to lose this baby fat. It's gross, and I am pudgyyyyy. Like Ms. Piggy pudgy. I need a hairtrim too. I love my short cut but damn does it grow back so fast! Irritating. I want to make it a mission to walk with the kids everyday. Rain or not. Thats what rain coats are for. Bleh, so I have a challenge I want to get done. I am working on my blog candy winners prizes. Lots to do, so little time.


  1. HA! Old ball and chain! Last Friday Jay, his friend Al and I had a discussion on the use of the term Old Lady and how I thought it was ick. They said it was better than BROAD! Bastards! I said how about wife or geez us wives have a name you know!

    I love Sonic commercials but the funny thing is we don't have a Sonic but we have commercials for them... so annoying.

  2. i think i did that one too hahahahaa somtimes i do so many i forget which ones i put in for hahaha

  3. I'm trying to lose weight too...I took "before" pictures over the weekend and am going to try to do a diet scrapbook :)