Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday AGAIN! 5's!!

Whoo-hoo for Friday!! Everyone loves Friday right? Been a while since I posted...I think? Anywho so...

1. Winning scrap stuff!! I got lucky with the randomizer and it picked wonderful me for a very sweet prize. That was AWESOME!!

2. Making ATC's! I love making them now, and want to make a whole bunch. Here's my first batch for a swap on Vintage Flaire!

3. My number 3 is my exacto knife!! I have gotten extremely good with it, cropping, trimming- everything! It is so much easier for me than my chopper sometimes!

4. TWITTER!! I am a new Twitter-er! I think it's really funny. And I was trying to figure it out, thinking it was all complicated when it really wasn't!
5. McDonald's french fries! I just loves me some fries....that's why I am such a fatty!
So I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out what I wanted to scrap next. Picture wise. And I decided I am just going to get printed a whole ton of pictures and pick blind folded from a pile! Sound like a plan? I just need a vacation to go and scrapbook in peace on the porch of a beach house with shade and palm trees. Get my mojo flowing. That would be SAAAAWEEEETTTT! Have a great weekend everybody!!


  1. Your ATC's look nice! I am having issues with mine. I have to get on them at some point today after the soccer game and finishing up Mother's Day stuff.

    I am a twittering fool!

  2. Great fives
    LOVE your cards

    Have a wonderful weekend !!!

  3. those are cool looking cards......and great 5's. I must admit I don't know what people are all a twitter about when it comes to twitter....